flexeril 10mg

I’ve been taking flexeril forever (or two years, which ever comes first) and it really does cause dry mouth symptoms. I’ve found this to come and go as you continue the use, but that symptom has never woken me up at night, oddly enough.

I would suggest that you take it about an hour or 45 minutes before bedtime – whatever amount of time it takes to make you really sleepy – and then right before you lay down to sleep, drink a bunch of water. I would take (and count) 10 solid gulps of water right before I layed down to sleep and that seemed to work for me.

Also, until your body gets used to it, keep the water on your nightstand so if and when you wake up, take a drink then go back to sleep.

I don’t know if this will work for you, but this is what I’ve done and it’s worked for me. Meds are so difficult because each one works different with each one of us and it can be such a trial and error process.


It has been prescribed to me by 2 different surgeons. It just dosen’t do anything for me. Diazepam works best for me. But I don’t take it very often. Seems like the surgeons sure do believe in the flexeril though.
Good luck, Jim

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Biotene is a toothpaste, a mouthwash and a gel that is meant to help dry mouth. It is not a perfect fix but it helps. You can find it at most any store that sells toothpaste, doesn’t require a script or anything.

The gel is a little weird, but helps if used at bedtime.

My meds. at times make me feel like I have glue in my mouth. I seriously have issues talking it is so bad. I am a dedicated BYOB! lol I bring my own bottle everywhere – of water lol Wink

I have it in my purse everywhere I go, in stores and everywhere. I never know when the dryness will hit me.

I like others here have never had it wake me up though.

Wish you the best Smile